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Pink Scarf Big Magnolias Silk Top  

Margaret's hand-painted hangings can be used to cover walls or to hang,
waving in the air currents, in mid-air, suspended from two points in the
ceiling. The long ones are great for stair wells or tall rooms. They are
very lightweight. Because of the unique shaping, usually they have only a
top pole, though they can be made with two. The white silk from which they
are made comes on a roll, so the length has few limits. When a very wide
piece is designed, it is in two halves, which continue or even mirror one
another. The hangings should be kept mostly out of direct sun, due to the
natural fiber, silk, and the use of dye. They are not suitable as window
coverings for this reason. The colors are much more vivid when the panel
reflects rather than transmits light.

Margaret's subject matter leans heavily to the natural in the floral and
butterfly/moth topics. These lend themselves to the unpredictable veining
that occurs in the underpainting. From this beginning, the work develops in
detail and contrast as the artist uses resists and thickened dyes to refine
the image. The final touches are applied with calligraphic strokes and
thickened dye. The silk then undergoes heat and steam before being immersed
in several water baths to remove all chemicals and excess dye. At this
point, if the fabric is to become a shaped and cut work, the outline drawing
with pigments is applied, then more curing and heat steps come, before final
cutting and sewing. This is a two-week process.